To show our appreciation and gratitude, we would like to introduce you to the teams and organizations that successfully raised $10,000 or more during the 8th edition of Circuit bleu.

Thank you to Pelican, JUMANA BOARDS, Cascades, CEP Forensique and Équipe Laurent for your enthusiasm and your commitment to mobilize your employees for the cause of children diagnosed with cancer. You are all actors of change!


Team Pelican

Captain: Danick Lavoie, President and Chief Executive officer
Participants: 53 kayakers
Results: $141,627

"This year, Pelican International is very pleased to be the official presenter of the event. We are honored to be associated with this great cause that is close to our hearts and that contributes, year after year, to the healing of our children with cancer. As the father of two healthy and active boys, I am privileged and sensitive to this cause that affects one child a day in Quebec. All of our lives have been turned upside down for over a year and it is not easy for anyone. However, childhood cancer has not taken a vacation despite COVID. It is therefore a great pride for the entire Pelican team to have participated in great numbers in this 8th edition of the Circuit Bleu, with more than 50 paddlers, to have contributed to the fundraising of $146,000 and it is a rendez-vous without fail for next year!"



Team Captain: Martine Jodoin, President and owner of JUMANA BOARDS
Participants: 19 paddle boarders (SUP)
Results: $25,721

"Our hope is to help the Fondation Charles-Bruneau with its mission to support research projects that will lead to a cure for all children living with cancer in Quebec. We all know, from near or far, someone afflicted by this terrible disease, so why not work together to accomplish great things? Since the key is to be well surrounded, we have gathered a team of extraordinary and energetic people who have a common goal to fight pediatric cancer. We are making a small difference in this world one paddle stroke at a time. So join us in our efforts. Together, we can make it happen."

Team Cascades

Captain: Jessy Carignan
Participants: 33 kayakers
Results: $22,547

"For the past 14 years, we have been collaborating with the Fondation Charles-Bruneau and we are proud to help improve the lives of thousands of children diagnosed with cancer in Quebec. Today more than ever, it is more important for Cascades to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees, but also to support its customers, partners and the local communities. The mission of the Charles Bruneau Foundation is perfectly in line with our values and we hope that this partnership will continue for many years to come. We will continue to raise awareness among our team members about this important cause."


Team CEP Forensique

Captain: Philippe Lefebvre
Number of participants: 9 kayakers
Results: $15,664

"At CEP Forensique, we truly believe in the role a corporate entity should play in its community. As a result, we have been committed to support several charitable organizations for the past 40 years. Every year, CEP Forensique devotes thousands of dollars to fund the activities of numerous non-profit organizations because we are committed to supporting causes that give back to Quebec society. In addition, our team members do not hesitate to support a variety of projects that promote social involvement, such as the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau."


Team Laurent

Captain: Annie Boily
Participants: 4 kayakers
Results: $11,350


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