As part of the Circuit Bleu's early promotion contest launched last winter, two lucky winners recently had the chance to experience a special moment in very good company, organized by Pelican International, the event's presenting partner.






Initial meeting point: the waterfront access behind the Natatorium, in Verdun. Around 3:00 p.m., everyone is there - our two winners Annie Boily and Bruno Ratia, our heroine Rania, in remission from Hodgkin's lymphoma, the singer-songwriter Émile Bilodeau, a great friend of the cause, our precious guides and those in charge of water safety, as well as a few members of the Pelican International and Charles-Bruneau Foundation's teams.





Once the life jackets are distributed and the Pelican boats are assigned, the group is ready for the first part of the activity: the ride on the water. Laughter and paddling are the order of the day! For Rania and our two winners, this is a great opportunity to train for the Blue Circuit, which takes place three weeks later. Seeing them go, we know there's really nothing to worry about.





After 90 minutes and as many jokes from Émile Bilodeau, the little gang returned to the shore. The physical activity has given way to a little hunger and it's perfect; it's time for an aperitif. We eat, we drink, we discuss. We discover in particular the artistic skills of Rania, who drew the portrait of her kayak partnerwith a stunning accuracy. When she presents her work to the singer, it's hard to say who is the biggest fan of the two!



Time flies and already the activity is coming to an end. Everyone greets each other and wishes to see each other again, at the Circuit bleu, in a few days. Before leaving, Annie Boily looks back on her experience.


"What a great day. Thank you, it is very, very much appreciated! We had sun, nice company with Rania, Émile... It made me really look forward to the Circuit bleu, which is coming soon!"


A huge thank you to our partner Pelican International as well as to all the people who made this day possible! For more information on the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau which will take place from September 16 to 18, visit the event's website.



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