At Pelican, Daniel Leprohon is a true source of inspiration for his work colleagues. For two years now, his commitment to the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau presented by Pelican has been remarkable! In addition to bringing his colleagues together, he is one of the top collectors on the Circuit bleu. The kayaker agreed to talk to us about his great devotion to the mission of the Charles-Bruneau Foundation and his employer’s involvement.


For Daniel, participating in the Circuit bleu was a natural fit, given his employer’s involvement: “Pelican International sponsors the Circuit bleu, and several colleagues paddle during the event, as well as volunteering. It was my colleagues who motivated me to take part! Their enthusiasm, pride and drive are contagious. They take the cause to heart and organize many fund-raising events throughout the year. It’s also a great opportunity for team building. It gives me a chance to spend time with some colleagues I don’t see as often. It’s great to see them getting involved in this unifying event!


The support of her employer is a key factor in the success of her challenge to take part in the Classic course on Saturday and Sunday. Indeed, “Pelican has a training room in its offices and hires a kinesiology intern for each university session. One of them put together a program to prepare me for the event. Upper-body training is obviously part of the program, but so are abs and legs, which are also called upon when kayaking.” In addition to offering help with training, Pelican encourages its employees by asking them to allocate 8 hours of paid work to support a cause of their choice. A fine corporate example!


On a more personal level, the Fondation Charles-Bruneau cause is also very important to Daniel Leprohon. “Every December 17, I think of my former colleague and good friend. That’s when her daughter Megan died of leukemia at the age of 9. She would now be 26. With the Blue Circuit, the funds raised help research and can help children like Megan recover. I feel I’m humbly helping the cause,” he says.


“There was quite a downpour for the 2022 edition! The weather was terrible. It rained, it was cold and we were poorly dressed. Our heroine Rania really got into the swing of things when we swapped her broken kayak for a good Pelican. But honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.”


Participating in the Blue Circuit is a life-changing experience for the kayaker: “I have three healthy young boys. It’s hard for me to imagine what sick children go through and the pressure on their families. So it’s hard for me to find the right words.


However, last year when I was about to leave the event after the closing ceremony, I was in my car when someone knocked on my window. It was a volunteer I hope to see again this year. My conversation with him left a lasting impression. He told me with emotion and pride: “My daughter had cancer at a young age. However, she is now cured and on the verge of completing her medical studies. Thank you for your involvement. It really makes a difference. ” ”


Thanks to Daniel Leprohon and his colleagues at Pelican for their invaluable involvement. To support the participants of the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau, make a donation to the Pelican team.


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