Meet four endearing kids! It's for kids like them that over 160 participants will paddle a kayak or paddleboard on September 16 and 17 as part of the 10th edition of the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau


Aurelia, 6 years old

In 2019, Aurelia was diagnosed with a non-operable, incurable brain tumor. Fortunately, the tumor is stable and has even shrunk by 70%. Until recently, she had to visit CHU Sainte-Justine 3-4 times a month for her treatments. Now, her follow-up visits are only every six months, leaving her much more time to devote to her passions such as DIY, drawing, painting and acro dancing.

Her mother describes her as empathetic, creative, smiling and extremely resilient. Her dream came true when she was able to visit Walt Disney last year. She also had the chance to join her grandparents in Pompano Beach, an opportunity that filled her with joy!


Ghilas, 3 years old

At just three months old, Ghilas was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Nearly three years later, he is now in remission and is showing tremendous courage by participating in a clinical trial at CHU Sainte-Justine, which will end in July 2023.

After completing his treatments, Ghilas was extremely happy to finally be able to meet his cousins and socialize with his loved ones. His love of trucks and cars knows no bounds, and he loves inventing stories worthy of action scenes and car chases, making him a true enthusiast of the police world!


Mia, 10 years old

In 2018, Mia and her family were diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Fortunately, thanks to advances in medical research and the positive response to her treatments at the Montreal Children's Hospital, Mia is now in remission.

Those close to her describe her as a person of great sensitivity and an admirable listener. A true adventurer, she loves to explore new places with her parents and sister Eva, whether at the cottage or on bike rides. Mia is full of energy and extremely active, enjoying swimming, running and gymnastics. Her dream is even to become a gymnastics teacher when she grows up. In her quieter moments, she likes to give free rein to her creativity, creating beautiful drawings and crafts.


Zoé, 7 years old

Since 2019, Zoé has had to deal with leukemia, but fortunately, she has now been in remission for a year. To ensure her follow-up, she visits CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital every three months for routine check-ups.

All those who have had the chance to meet her agree that Zoé is a sweet, endearing young girl brimming with energy. She also knows how to impress everyone with her superb choreography! With a multitude of interests and unable to choose just one favorite subject, her heart swings between art, music and physical education.

By now, you've met the heroes and heroines of the 10th edition of the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau; children full of energy and smiles. It's for two kids like them that the Charles-Bruneau Foundation's mission is to offer a healthy future to the 2,000 children with cancer across Quebec.


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